Features of SudoBot

SudoBot has the following features:

  • Manual Moderation Commands (e.g. ban, softban, tempban, mute, kick etc.)
  • Auto Moderation Systems
  • Fun commands (e.g. cat & dog pictures, jokes, pixabay search etc.)
  • Powerful Command Queue System - You can queue a command to run it later automatically!
  • Ballot management (AKA polls/votings)
  • Powerful embed management (Create, build & reuse embed schemas)
  • Information related commands (e.g. find a user by ID)
  • Welcomer System (customizable message and randomization)
  • AFK system with powerful mention tracking
  • Snippet management with attachment support
  • AI-powered automatic moderation
  • And more!

We're constantly adding new features so you can expect new stuff soon! Click here to see the screenshots of the bot.